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Upcomming new Crystal File Server

Azzi maker of Chapters untold and Extinction is currrently making a new Server called Affinity check it out www.facebook.com/groups/ChaptersUntold/ or at www.lomcn.org/forum/showthread.php?92713-Legend-of-Mir-Affinity hope to see some of you there !

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Server im currently playing !

hi all just thought id let anyone know who still plays and checks here now and then that im currently playing a c# server called Chapters Untold. Could do with some more players is a good server and being constantly updated etc. check out info on lomcn come give it a try !!

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Server closing

Server Closing !! Due to r/l stuff as all who have been playing lately have seen i havent been around ingame due to r/l commitments etc and also due to lack of donatons etc i will be closing server around the 7th of march as the nxt dedi payment is due on the 8th and […]

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New Treasure Dungeon!

today will see the adding of a new Treasure dungeon, for those over lvl 120 Percy will now direct you to a new NPC located in Lemuria. You will need a new type of Treasure Token for entry to the dungeon you will also get a little longer in the new versions aswell as more […]

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lvl 200+ Update

today will bring the Lvl 200 + update. there will be 2 new caves added for this update, both of which will be found in Lemuria. 1 cave will be found via a cave entrance, this will be the Temple of Power, 5 floors of fun and mayhem where you will discover the Gorgons and […]

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